Cast Iron Cooking a Manly Tradition

Cast iron cooking a manly tradition but it is also great for women and we can all benefit from it. Maybe this comes from how we take care of our cast iron pans.

  Things you need to know

One of the first things you need to learn is it does not need to be washed with soap and water or put in a dish washer. After it cools you can use cold water and wipe it clean.


In today’s world you can buy one that is already cured and ready to cook with they are non stick and fry a mean egg.


Getting a good Understanding of Cast Iron


If it does need to be seasoned after it gets washed by mistake or just cooking you can use a good cooking oil just rub the inside of the pan and place upside down in the oven and heat to 500 for 1 hour shut the oven off and let cool reheat again two are three times you should be good to go all stick free.

I do this once a year cast iron cook ware requires a good seasoning; you really need to take good care of it. When I finish frying with it I just pore off the oil and wipe it clean and store it in a dry place until needed again.

There is no real rule or step by step to follow that cover the baking times or the temperatures to get a good seasoning sometimes baking is not necessary you can do the same thing on top of the stove are in a good camp fire but the oven is just easier.




These pans heat evenly and will keep heat a long time. They are great for camping and cooking at home they can be used many different ways frying, baking even steaming. The food is healthy and taste just great.


Some of the disadvantages

These pots are heavy a 12 inch skillet weights 7 pounds and a 7 quart Dutch oven with the lid goes at 16 pounds this is not for a back packer but it is a excellent choice for a remote camping site using a 4 wheeler to set up your remote site.


These pots are very versatile real durable and will cook anything from sourdough bread to venison stew.


Cast iron pieces will sometimes crack with a fast temperature change just never remove from heat and place in cold water always let them cool first you can remove the food as it will keep cooking then let the pot cool down.


Acidic foods seam to remove the seasoning from these pots and pans this can cause a bad taste and off color food. Do not use these pans for marinating meat in the pan if it contains buttermilk ,vinegar or heavy salt.


Follow these simple tips and you should get great results.




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