Sep 14

How to Pre-Sell

If you think that Internet Marketing is all about selling things online, you’re awfully mistaken because marketing does NOT equal selling, although selling is a part of marketing. Marketing is all about how to pre-sell things to people and making them realize how a particular product can benefit them.

Pre-selling involves some detective work, specifically on the “why” people behind the purchase. In other words, it’s all about discovering the market’sHow to Pre-Sell    hot buttons. You’d be surprised but people, more often than not, buy things on emotion and rationalize their purchase afterward.

However, they also don’t like it when people sell things to them. So, if you want to get into Internet Marketing and you want to earn a lot of money, part of your job is to discover your market’s hot buttons and then pre-sell products to them.

Always talk in terms of benefits and benefits. This is true regardless of what product you’re promoting or want to promote. The principle of pushing hot buttons and pre-selling products is the same. If you want to get started in Internet Marketing but don’t know which niches you should get involved in, there are several ways you can do research.

Searching for the top 100 products on Amazon and eBay searching for the most embarrassing and most painful diseasesPre Sale Knowing what other people’s kinks are when it comes to sex and dating How people can make more money or get out of debt based on the items we listed above.

It is safe to say that the most profitable niches online are those that involve physical products, illness, love and money. You can’t go wrong if your efforts are in those niches, however, as we made it obvious earlier, BEFORE you do any marketing, you need to do research on the buyers and the product.

Sell Ice in Ice-Saturated Eskimo Land

When you’re confident that you can sell ice even to an already Pre sale 2ice-saturated Eskimo Land with your market research information, that’s when you can start building your websites and promoting them. If you’re going to optimize your website for Google and other search engines (which we suggest you do), make sure you’re targeting keywords where people are almost ready to buy.

Keywords like “where to buy…” or “…..reviews” or “… scams” will almost always guarantee you sales. When you’re building websites, always think that they are assets that will make you money. Thus, make sure your websites are 100% yours by buying domain names and subscribing to a hosting account.

These things don’t cost more than a few bucks, so it’s easy to think of them as your investment towards financial freedom. Take note, though, Internet Marketing and learning how to pre-sale will not make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks, despite what some of the adds you see online might tell you.

If you want to consistently make money, you need to make consistent effort too. When you’re making money from one website, build another website until you’ve reached your income goals. Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes along the way because they’re part of the learning curve.

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Aug 14

Learn Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing has become more competitive over the last few years, but still has not lost its appealAffiliate 1 learn affiliate marketing tips to keep up.

There are literally hundreds of programs to choose from today. As an affiliate, the question is how do you choose the best one for your marketing needs? The first consideration you need to think about is picking a good product that you have an interest in.

If you are trying to promote a product that you have no interest in or do not feel passionate about you are likely to give up fairly quickly.

Remember that you will be spending a good amount of time looking at this product, and perhaps even talking about it as you promote it. Just as you should be interested in the product, you need to choose something that other people will be interested in as well.

You need to do your research

This will help you to find if there is a demand for what you want to promote. Using a keyword tool to help you identify what is being searched for the most in the volume of the searches is very important. This will not only show you a basic level of competition for that word, but also show you the amount of demand of the search volume. If a word has very high competition but a very low search volume, you may want to pass on the product.

However, if the search volume stays consistentlyLearn Affiliate Marketing Tips high in the competition seems to be very low, it may be the perfect product to promote. Once you have determined which affiliate program or product that you are interested in, that there is fairly good demand for it, and that you will be able to compete in the market.

You need to check out the merchant’s website

Check out the program or product. Is the website easy to navigate and user-friendly? Does the site present a clear message with clear calls to action? Are the products and images shown clearly so the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing?

Also very important to consider is that if the affiliate website contains any leaks. These are links or paths that lead away from the website. These links could lead to anything from another website, a toll-free number, or another program. This will in turn result in zero conversions for you because traffic has left your site. Keep in mind that if you are going to be promoting or representing someone else’s website, you want to be sure that it is reputable, good, and has strong potential for performance-based sales.

The next big factor would be considering your conversion rate.

learn Affiliate Marketing Tips

Good Training is Always The Best

These numbers are extremely important when you are choosing an affiliate program. If the product or advertiser you are presenting offers a high commission, but their website just does not convert, you will not make any money promoting it will be wasting your time.

Factoring in the amount of people out of 100 who complete a desired action configures conversion rates. Affiliate marketing has a great potential to provide you a very good income. You just need to take your time in researching and choosing the best product for you to provide. More about learn affiliate marketing tips can be found here

Jul 14

Make Your Own Website Free

First things first, you must have a website.

Your website makes you unique and identifiable.

Moreover, it is your face online. People do not know you when they are keying in the address and following the links that come to buy the product, they interact wholly with your website. If you do not have a website, you are not there so make your own website free.

Making money online is possible provided you do what is required of you.Make Your Own Website Free

The most effective and realistic way of making money online while working at your own pace and when you feel like it is through internet marketing. If anyone ever promised you to make you rich through online marketing without investing your time and resources on your website do not trust him.

You have to create your presence online before you start marketing.

The only way of being felt and in touch with the online fraternity is by having your website.
You need to have your own website that has your identity otherwise you will be working for someone and what you will be getting is commissions. The opportunity to be a man of your own brand is here now.

You can have your website free. All you need to do is follow the links provided and get help to make your own website free. That is the first step to being an online marketing guru and starting to realize your stream of income.

You will need to know all about internet marketing.How to Make Money Bt Blogging

It is not enough to have presence online to start earning as a marketer online. I guess that is the general rule everywhere. You need to acquire skills and tactics that will make you the person that can deliver the objective and results that is expected of you.

All you need is an internet marketing training.

The training is simple and easy to follow. Anyone can acquire the skills that are needed to get started in the internet-marketing thing through the training. The training is designed in a way that you learn through practical experience.
Through the training, you will be able to turn from a novice to an expert after completion. The design and execution of the marketing training has been tried and tested and proven to be just the right tools that will help you kick off your internet-marketing career. You will learn all the loops and tricks that need to be adopted to be a major marketer online.
The training develops with time capturing the online developments making it not only relevant but also practical. After the training, you will get straight to making your money. The training will equip you with the skills that enable you to start working once you have finished the course.Make Your Own Website Free
You have a chance to change the direction of your economic life by joining the best in internet marking and being part of the online millionaires. There is a lot of economic potential for marketing online that has not been explored. With your website and appropriate training you will be part of this multimillion dollar economic platform.

Jul 14

Create a Website Free

Each time one thinks of something that is free, they instantly think of some tacky, cheap, unprofessional things that only entice one to purchase the real thing. Like an ad rather than the actual product itself.Create a Website Free That’s the reason each time people think of creating a web site that is professional, free web site builders are instantly discounted by their mind.

However, we do not understand that it’s only a tool, a process which can be adapted to match with your demands. The truth is, with some work and basic training; you can create a genuinely great, professional website all for yourself. In addition, this tool usually ensures it’ll be accessibleMake Money 5 24 hours per day, seven days per week, making it more appealing to prospective visitors.

Let us look at some different ways a free web site builder can be used to create a professional website.

Enable them to lead you:

These programs are created to compete with professional Internet creators, the people that are specialists in creating such websites. That’s the reason these tools offer services and features to allow you to create a professional website. So focus on what these free web site builders have and take a closer look at the tools that they’ve, to say, and try to understand more on some of the recommendations they have for you.

Don’t brush off services or features you might have to pay for as promotional gimmicks. Study the free website builder judge how significant they could be for a professional look and try to discover what they’re strong points are.

Article Marketing Training

Article Marketing Training

Understand what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is:

No web site builder paid or free is going to have the ability to assist you if you don’t understand USP, or you’re Unique Selling Point. Without that, you’re among the hundreds or even millions of people present online going no where.

You need to showcase, and understand, what sets you apart from others. Occasionally, it’s that you’re handily accessible or what you do best. In some cases, it’s the fact that your costs are economic for the extras you are offering.

Create one, if you do not have a USP.

It’s going to give visitors a reason to see your website and purchase services or goods from you.
Another pointer that is significant would be to take a peek at what successful websites look like. Look at several of them and notice what’s unique about them. Additionally analyze how you feel when you see any of them. After going through most of them, you will have the ability to discover several commonalities acrossmake money1 the ones that are popular. Check if you’ve already intended to integrate several of them in your own website.

Test it out:

Once you have created your dream site using a web site builder that is free, do a test run. A test run should be conducted by a third party that was concerned. This third party should be someone you trust to give you honest feedback and remain unbiased. By doing this, you may have the ability to weed out obvious errors before finally publishing your website.

Learn more ways to create a website. Free help is available online. Go Here


Jul 14

Key Word Marketing How To

Let me show you how I do it. Keyword Marketing done right is a great way to drive traffic to your websites.

Good content will attract more people to your website but you need a good title with good keywords placed in that content,

View the following Video and this will help you in your keyword research.Alph Soupe Met

We will start with the Alphabet soup method what it is and how to use it. It is nothing more than a Google search. Put the major keyword for your niche in the search box now check all the suggestions that goggle list choose the ones that fit what you are searching forKey Word Marketing How ToNow continue the search just add an a then b and use the rest of the alphabet writing down all of the keywords that fit your niche you can acquire a large list doing this.Key Word Marketing How To

Now we need to find out witch ones to go after you will need a good keyword tool for this I use a tool called Jaaxy it is the best one I have found for niche marketing. I have tried a few and Jaaxy stand out above all others I have used. You can get 30 free searches by signing up to try it and It is explained how to use it Here Screenshot 2014-07-12 19.49.40

With your keyword tool find out the keywords to use in your articles try to pick the ones with the highest search volume and the lowest competition these are your best chance of getting a first page rank in goggle. Always remember it is hard to beat out a established site right away it takes time and you can do it.

The best thing a person can do is get the training that they need and you can get it for free just check out the site in the first video.

Walt Deal
If you have any questions are would like to add any thing just leave a comment below are you can email me at walt111mail@gmail.com


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Internet Marketing 2014

In the internet marketing world today almost ever one wants a home based business

What I am going to do is tell you about the hard part of this Not the hype and how great and how you will be rich as soon as you send me your money.

.Steps To Take Get a Free Web Site

Setting up a website and your email with the company name will help your appearance to be more than someone just trying to sell something online.
If you choose to set up an office make it simple and a great place to work each dayInternet Marketing 2914 as the look good office may not be functional and just a added expense most of the time you are the only one there so keep it simple
The office you set up should help you have a professional mind set as you go about the daily work that is required.
The running of your business will require the proper equipment that will help you get thru your daily work load.
With out the proper tools you will have a hard time of getting your work done correctly and this will reflect badly on your business.

make money 3
Setting up a business bank account with printed checks and a debit card will help you to run smoothly being able to make deposits and debits will keep you up to date on how your business is doing.
It will make your company look professional and the people buying from you will notice
Setting up a website and your email with the company name will help your appearance to be more than someone just trying to sell something online.
You should always try to be professional as this is sure to help you get the interest of others and gain the trust of your customers
Your new business will require many things like licenses and tax accounting some will require permits to operate out of your home.
After you are set up and running being licensed will help to make your business legitimate and this will help you in the long run All of this will keep you legal and with in most guide lines of the government.

You can get help with all of this for free yes free Go Here for the free information

If you need any help with anything about this or just a question leave below at comments

Jul 14

Find Out About Affiliate Marketing

Deciding to become an affiliate marketer, shouldn’t be taken lightly, however it can be an excellent first step in your online career.Affiliate Marketing Links

From a business standpoint, affiliate marketers have low start-up

and overhead costs; however the challenge isn’t in putting a website online, rather in getting targeted traffic to look at the affiliate offer.

From the standpoint of a merchant, affiliate marketers are gold, since they do most of the advertising; they are able to easily increase their reach without spending a lot of money. By marketing their products, whether tangible or digital, the merchant is, in effect increasing their sales force without the associated costs. This is extremely attractive, since this allows their wide distribution, while only paying the affiliate, when a sale is made.
There are many ways to describe affiliate marketing; however most have much the same meaning. People, who market on the Internet as an affiliate marketer, have made it become a legitimate business. Affiliate marketing is a cooperative effort between the product creator and the affiliate.

The Internet continues to grow exponentially

However many people go about affiliate marketing the wrong way, making beginner mistakes, then deciding Internet marketing doesn’t work. There are intricacies to affiliate marketing, and without the proper mentor,Capture or experience, most new affiliate marketers are left without understanding what is involved in the task.

But every day more and more people are seeking ways to make money from home; affiliate marketing is at or near the top of that list.

Most beginners think purely in terms of advertising, without understanding the marketing part of the equation. These affiliates will not last in what has become a very competitive field. On the other side of the coin are those that have taken the time to become extremely knowledgeable, and ready to turn this competitive field into a true cash cow.

Those who thrive and conversely make a good living understand they must market their website in addition to the affiliate product they are promoting. While selling and advertising are strong components of marketing, they must be combined in a strategic way, in order to become profitable affiliate marketers.

In this model, the affiliate marketer is compensatedmake money 3 for every visitor they send to a merchant site, who in turn purchases the product or service being offered. The commission varies greatly, and anyone looking into affiliate marketing, should be certain they understand the commission structure before beginning their marketing efforts.

There is affiliate networks designed to help those interested in affiliate marketing. These networks operate as a third-party between the merchant and affiliate, acting as a trusted third party who will ensure compliance, both from the merchant/product owner and the affiliate.

There is a great deal of technology involved with these networks, however this all operates behind the scenes track sales and statistics. These networks remain profitable by collecting a commission from the merchant, keeping their percentage, and then paying the affiliate their commission, normally once every 30 days.

While there are downsides to becoming an affiliate marketer

Most namely understanding how to market, there are also benefits which allow the affiliate to quickly change from product “A” to product “B” should they find that more lucrative.

Depending on the person and their commitment,Make Money 5 affiliate marketing can generate an excellent part-time or full-time income.

This is not to say that there isn’t work involved, this should be thought of as a business, not a hobby, and to be successful it will take training, work and persistence.


Jul 14

Is Free Affiliate Marketing Training Right For You

Have you come across the term Affiliate Marketer

Article Marketing Training

Article Marketing Training

and wondered what exactly does that mean?
How do I get the training I need where do

I start for answers keep reading.

Read the rest of this for good

information or go to my Blog HereScreenshot 2014-07-09 18.23.29 to find out about the free training and how to get started.

Internet marketing is a well used term,

For those people searching for a way to improve their income or give up their full time employment, better known as a “job”The simple definition is that an affiliate marketer is a person who forms a business relationship with a merchant selling goods or services, and who is then paid a commission on the sale of goods that they promote for the merchant.


If for example you are promoting a specific

Product or service on your website and a visitor clicks on your link then proceeds to buy the item in question you are paid a percentageCapture of the sale as a commission from the merchant.

As an affiliate you can choose to act on behalf of one specific merchant and set up an arrangement directly with them, or alternatively you can sign up for one of the hundreds of affiliate programs that cater to a wide range of products and services then just search through the offers available and select the ones you are interested in.

In this latter case instead of being paid directly through the merchant you are paid by the Affiliate Program Company generally each month.

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular

For those wanting to build up an extra source of income,

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

basically because there is little or no outlay to start up and no great technical knowledge is required.Before making any decisions as to whether you want to promote an individual merchant or be part of a larger affiliate company it is a good idea to study and learn about the advantage and disadvantages of each type of affiliate program.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to sell physical products or digital products.

Visit sites like Amazon and E Bay; familiarize yourself with popular products that are currently selling. If digital products have more appeal sign up for Click bank check out gravity and number of affiliates.

You can guarantee if a particular product is beingL H B B 1 promoted by a lot of affiliates it must be selling after all experienced affiliates are not going to promote something that is not getting sales.

It’s important to have the right mindset

When you start to set up your affiliate marketing business. Don’t just jump in and expect instant riches, no matter what blurbs and emails you see promising 7 figure incomes within 7 days or at the click of a few buttons. It just doesn’t work out that way.

An affiliate marketing business is exactly that a “business”

You should approached it with that mind set. Draw up a business plan setting out you goals, time-frames and how much time you are prepared to allocate to your new business.

Don’t rush in, you need to arm yourself with some knowledge first, take the time to join and learn from some of the more experiencedScreenshot 2014-07-09 15.26.41 forums such as the wealthy affiliate forum.

Read expert blogs, do your research, understand exactly what path you want to follow.95% of marketers give up when they don’t make their money instantly or see results straight away, why not aspire to be one of the very successful 5% by just following the suggestions above.

If you come this far leave me a comment good or bad let me know if this is any help to you.

Jul 14

Affiliate Marketing Schools

Becoming an affiliate marketer requires training and work.

Make Money 6

Affiliate Marketing School

To be successful it is easier to find an affiliate marketing school. You can not wave a magic wan to accomplish this.

You can not just build a web site with the step by step method and have a instant income. You can save years of hard work and dedication just by learning good marketing practices.

You need to learn what has worked in the past in online marketing and what is working today in online marketing today. There are many ways and marketing tips that can help you become better in the affiliate marketing online world.

A Preview Of What You Can Learn

Build a separate web site for each item you are marketing. It is not wise to put several items on the same site just to save money in hosting.It is a lot better to promote each product on one site.Make Money 5

This can be done easy with a online school like I am attending as a premium member you get unlimited hosting.

This allows you the freedom to create a web site for as many products as you want.

By focusing on each and every product you are able to give each one your best and this is a great help to any one that comes to your site.

Be sure to include a product review on your website. This will allow a visitor to understand what your site is about and how it can help them. Try to get honest testimonials from users who have tried the product. Just make sure you have their permission to use their names or photo on the product you are promoting.

It will be best if you write articles about the product and post them to your site. Make sure that these articles are attractive and compelling and that you have a call to action on the information that you are writing about. Make your head line attractive so your reader will want more information on your product. Make your special points stand out. Help your readers to understand what the page is about and they will want to find out more.

Offer to give something of value freeAffiliate Marketing School

Place this as close to the top of your page as you can. If you use an auto responder you can mail to any one who sends you their email. Research shows that it takes up to the seventh contact to make a sale.

There are only two thing that can happen with the website alone. You will either make the sale or the person will leave the site and maybe never return. By using a contact form you can send them useful information at as you choose about the product. Make sure that the message is about the product and give a reason to buy. Do not make it a sales pitch

Explain the important points and what the product can do to make their life easier. Use compelling headlines in your email. Be careful using the word free some email filters will flag them as spam and your email will not get thru. Explain to the ones that signed up for your free reports that you can save them money or time if they use your product.

Target the traffic that will be interested in your product

If you target general traffic you will get people to your site that have no interest in what you have to offer and they will just move on and not come back. You can write articles to e-zines and e-reports for publication. By doing this you can locate publications that are about your targeted customers.

You really need to post at least two articles a week make sure they average around 500 words in length. By doing this continuously writing at least two articles you should receive at least 100 targeted readers a week.

Research has shown that only about 1 in a 100 are likely to buy what you have to offer.

This is not very hard to do if you want to. It will require work and time with a good plan you can make it work.

Work From Home Opportunities For Women

Work From Home Opportunities For Women

By using this information with several affiliate marketing online programs. You can over time end up with a good income and be able to make this business work.

If you are like me and need help accomplishing this you can receive free online training at the school I attend

Jan 14

Free Monthly Web Hosting Plan

Finding a free monthly web hosting plan can be quite difficult but when you are on a tight budget it is worth the effort you will need to know what to search for and how to dig deeper to find the best plan for your business this blog is here to help you do just that.Website bilderGo here to see a free web hosting site That comes with free instructions on how to build and maintain it.

Web hosting companies come in many different types from free to $5 $4 $1 or some of the better ones can charge as high as $10 to $20 for cheap web hosting and keep in mind that what they advertize may not have what you will need to keep your site working correctly.

Free Monthly Web Hosting Plan

You need to know that the lowest rate advertised may not be the real cost of the hosting it may not even include important services at all like 24/7 with a up time of 99% and the support staff that is helpful and can help you with web hosting issues.

It is important that you prepare a business plan properly. The plan needs to include everything that you will need to keep your site working then you will be able to look for hosting that fits your needsCapture

You will need to find a free monthly web hosting plan that has good up time and no limit on bandwidth and speed. Some web hosting company’s will have a limit on the bandwidth that your site can use each month so if you use to much bandwidth by getting to much traffic your site can be put on offline till the end of the month It is possible to lose business if this happens.

Most small business needs free or low cost hosting as they do not have the money for a large hosting plan.

Free Monthly Web Hosting Plan

I have a good free training plan with free hosting on 2 websites that you build yourself. If you decide to upgrade to premium you will receive free hosting on all the sites you want    do your research then look at what you get here.